The METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing book is the leading and only metric reference book since it first was published by Industrial Press in 1978.

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ISBN #: 0974447773 (0791802612)
Published: 2012 (2007 Paper)
Format: Electronic (Paper)
Pages: 800, Tables: 500

By Knut O. Kverneland

The METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing book is one of the best tools you can use to help cut manufacturing and engineering costs. In addition, it will help you compete in the global market with metric designed and manufactured products.

The change to the metric system offers American manufacturing unique opportunities to introduce new thinking to the old ways products were made. The metric system requires new fastener sizes,  new sheet sizes, new material plate sizes, new round bar and wire sizes, new drill sizes, new gages, etc., to be used in production. This is where tremendously rewarding opportunities come into play. For example, six or less threaded fastener sizes may be selected to replace more than 61 sizes used in the old systems. Multiply the number of unique fastener sizes that can be eliminated by several thousand dollars each (automotive actual savings), and the total savings for your company can very well become quite impressive. Use the METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing book to find ways to cut costs and to increase export of manufactured products from the company you work for.

The data in the book is quick and easy to find.  It  is organized into 18 subject matter chapters as shown to your right, and each is linked to four free or summary chapters.

  • Save money and time by making  the electronic 2012 edition of the METRIC STANDARDS book available throughout your corporation via the Intranet.

  • Use the latest edition of the books to find ways to help cut costs and to increase export of manufactured products.  

  • The essentials of ISO 9000 Quality Management and ISO 14000 Environmental Management systems with assistance in finding help.

  • Details and software about the ISO System of Limits and Fits (ISOTOLTM)  which has  been successfully used around the world for 70 years and saved billions of dollars in manufacturing and engineering in terms of engineering time, tooling, material stock, gages, etc.

  • Pictorial world fastener index with 75 types shown on 15 pages with names in English, German, French and Italian. The ISO and national product standard from the major countries and page number where details are shown.

  • Global cross-reference lists for 4000 materials including 27 page index showing designations, standards, strength classes and chemical compositions. 

  • Complete listings of metric material sizes and grades, fasteners, drills, screw thread details, drawing examples, keys, splines, gears, bearings, and so much more…

  • Easy-to-use metric standard details in over 500 tables. 

  • Your need-to-know information about the metric system and standards in one book.  Use as metric training manual.


  1. "The METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing  book is recommended used in every machine shop and design office converting to the metric system of measure".  Stan Jakuba,  Metrication Consultant, e-mail jakubast at gmail.com, phone 860 521 7924
  2. "The METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing  book is an essential tool for any operation involved in the business of engineering and manufacturing of products in compliance with world standards and the international marketplace".- Lowell Foster, Technology Concepts and Engineering Int, e-mail  lofosgdt at minn.net, phone 612 722 9115

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